Ministry Updates October 2013

Shalom friends and talmidim! I just wanted to give you a brief ministry update and let you know what all was going on here at Emet HaTorah. It is difficult to keep everyone updated with just the monthly newsletter, so we have decided to begin a series of blog posts which will keep you informed on the happenings of this ministry on a more timely manner.

First, the response to my new book, The Four Responsibilities of a Disciple, has been very encouraging. To date we have sent out (whether through gifting, sponsoring or sales) nearly 250 copies. The word is beginning to spread on the value of this resource. We are still working to get this onto Amazon in Kindle format, but have not had the time to complete this project due to the next subject I would like to share with you.

Eight Lights mockupNext, we putting the final touches on a devotional booklet for Hanukkah, called Eight Lights. It will contain a basic overview of Hanukkah, the relationship of Jesus to Hanukkah, instructions for setting up and lighting your hanukkiah (Hanukkah menorah), a devotion for each of the eight nights, and the entire text of 1 Maccabees so that families can read the actual Hanukkah account together. We are enthused about this resource and pray it will be received well. God-willing, it will be ready around the first week of November.

As far as outreach goes, I will be speaking at The Father's House in Conway, AR this coming Sunday (October 27) if you are nearby and would like to support us. I will be sharing the four responsibilities of discipleship with them and introducing them to Emet HaTorah.

As far as timelines go, we will be a little late this month in publishing our newsletter due to the extra effort expended on getting out the Eight Lights devotional. However, it should be another great teaching newsletter. We will wrap up our Back to the Basics series in which we have been exploring the "basic principles of the oracles of God" as found in Hebrews 6:1–2. These teachings are also being expanded and will eventually be published as a print resource in book format as scheduling permits.

Also, God-willing, in the near future we will also be publishing a Haggadah for Passover.

We have several more teaching resources in development, but are struggling to complete them due to financial constraints. If you would like to partner with us to help push these resources to completion, please consider becoming one of our Talmidim (students) who support the work of Emet HaTorah on a monthly basis. You can do this either by clicking on the PayPal link at the top of the page, or through a one-time contribution by PayPal (use the link in the sidebar) or by check. As a reminder, for all those who financially support this ministry on a monthly basis, every resource we create will be automatically sent to you as soon as it is available. You will get the first fruits of our labors sent directly to you before anyone else receives it. It's our way of letting you know how important your support is to the sustainability of this ministry. Please consider becoming a supporter today.

And if you haven't "Liked" our Facebook page, please do so and help spread the word about Emet HaTorah. We appreciate your prayers and support! 

Until our next update… May you be blessed!

-Darren Huckey
Director, Emet HaTorah