About Us

Our Mission

Emet HaTorah exists to educate and encourage Believers in Yeshua (Jesus), the Messiah of Israel, towards personal study and discipleship to their Master from a Messianic Jewish perspective. Our goal is to to help Believers move from being merely professing believers in Yeshua to being fully devoted Disciples.


Why do we feel the need to educate and encourage Believers? Because unfortunately, we have a world filled with believers in Jesus, but very few disciples of Jesus. We have lots of fans of Jesus, but very few committed, sold out disciples who have invested their lives for the Kingdom. Christianity is on the decline and is not showing any signs of a rebound. For too long we have been conveying a message that says a person can be a believer, without being a disciple — that somehow discipleship is optional. We, however, believe that discipleship is not optional in regard to being a follower of Jesus. We believe that with God's help we can turn this trend around. Our goal is to see disciples of Jesus make a lasting imprint on the world by raising up a host of disciples that follow him wholeheartedly. Here is our vision:

Our Vision

We believe that every disciple has the ability to change the world. And if every Christian was a disciple we couldn't help but follow the apostles' lead and "turn the world upside down." (Acts 17:6)

But where does it begin? It begins with you and me. Here's our plan…


First, we want to continue the work that has been started by many other ministries over the last several years of restoring the Jewishness of Jesus, the Messiah of Israel. We believe that by helping believers understand the connection between a rabbi and his disciples we will help them understand their obligation to the ultimate Rabbi. We also believe placing him back into his Jewish context will help us be less likely to misconstrue his mission and his message.

Second, we want to restore the authentic and full Gospel Message. For too long the Gospel both Jesus and the disciples preached has been reduced down to a salvific formula. Although the message of personal salvation is a crucial component of the Gospel Message, this is not the totality of the Good News Jesus or his disciples preached. The result of this dilution of the Gospel Message has resulted in the exponential production of converts, but at the expense of producing true disciples. Restoring the fullness of the Gospel will result in more Kingdom-minded disciples who labor wholeheartedly for the Kingdom.

Third, we want to equip Believers to trust in the validity of the Holy Scriptures and hold to their full authority. This is desperately needed in a post-modern culture which esteems moral relativism over truth and personal freedoms over responsibility. Unfortunately, truth is no longer absolute, but subject to interpretation. When believers are able to defend the biblical text and live out its imperatives, hypocrisy will give way to discipleship and the body of Messiah will be strengthened.

Last, we want to help undo the untold damages of Replacement Theology — a theology that says God has rejected Israel and replaced her with the church — through a proper understanding of Scripture, clearly defining God’s plan for both the church and the Jews. We believe that true disciples of Jesus have a heart for the Jewish people and will live lives that help Israel to know their Messiah, rather than continue in their rejection of him. The rejection of Replacement Theology is the starting point for this.

In order to accomplish these goals, we are speaking to congregations and small groups, hosting seminars on discipleship and creating written, audio and video resources. We are also developing seminars for pastors and teachers get a taste of the inexhaustible depths of Jewish thought and insights into the biblical text that are overlooked in seminaries and traditional commentaries. We believe understanding the Jewish context of Jesus’ ministry is a crucial component to raising up committed disciples and want to help pastors and teachers tap into this truth. We will also continue to develop monthly teaching resources, including both written and audio materials.

Our Name

Emet HaTorah means "The truth of the Torah." Torah (or the Pentateuch) is the prime revelation of the God of the Bible upon which all subsequent revelation is weighed against. In order for any prophet, prophecy or writing to be considered valid it had to be weighed against the Creator's initial revelation and self-disclosure found in the Torah. By directing believers back to the Torah as the blueprint and the framework for the biblical model of faith, we better understand the purpose and mission of our Messiah as well as the teachings of his apostles, thereby helping us to be better disciples who live a life of faith through the empowering of the Holy Spirit.